1. All rules, regulations and payoffs contained herein are subject to change and revision by the 33Winners.com without prior written notice.
  2. Any rule of sports or horses that is not specifically indicated in the rules or regulations of the house, will be decided by the official rules of Las Vegas.
  3. 33Winners.com will not be responsible for any damage or loss alleged as a result or caused by this website or its content, including any user error in the contents, the inability of any person to log in or use the site. Web, delay in operations or connection, failure of communication lines or any errors or omissions of content. 
  4. All clients must have the legal minimum age of consumption of alcoholic beverages in their country, state or jurisdiction in particular.
  5. All rules, regulations and betting probabilities will be constantly updated on our website, so we ask that you review the rules before making any demands to our client service staff.
  6. 33Winners.com reserves the right to limit or reject any bet for any reason and has the right to decline bets from clients who are not from states or are outside the jurisdiction where gambling online is illegal.
  7. All bets accepted by 33Winners.com will be valid, unless there is proof that there was some kind of cheating, attempts to hack or intentionally cheated.
  8. The minimum and maximum amounts taken on bets at all sporting events will be determined by the 33Winners.com and are subject to change without prior written notice. 33Winners.com also reserves the right to adjust or change limits on individual accounts.
  9. 33Winners.com will not accept any bet without having the appropriate number or password of your account through the telephone or Internet.
  10. Each client is responsible for keeping his account number secret and must make the effort to prevent the use of his personal account by third parties Any transaction made to the account where the correct number and password have been given will remain as valid in our files and will depend solely on the current balance of the account.
  11. All accounts are kept private and confidential, all phone calls will be recorded for the protection of the 33Winners.com and its clients in order to resolve possible conflicts. within 7 days from the date of said bet.
  12. When placing bets on the Internet, clients are solely responsible for the transactions in their accounts, please be sure to review their movements and correct any errors before accepting them and putting them into the system. is responsible for lost or duplicated bets made by the client and will not respond to requests for discrepancies on lost or duplicated bets.Each client can review their bets in the ACCOUNT HISTORY section of the website after each session to ensure that all their bets They were accepted, CHECK ALL YOUR TRANSACTIONS WITH A LOT OF ATTENTION!
  13. Bets placed over the Internet or by telephone may be canceled or exchanged if the following conditions are met:
    • A- The lines and odds are the same as when you made the bet.
    • B- That no more than 5 minutes since the bet was made.
    • C- That the games or the event has not started.
  14. Once the bets are taken by phone, the operator will read back the bets made, if upon reading back the bets are all correct, the client must re-confirm these by giving their client number and password If there was an error made by the operator, it is the responsibility of the client to tell and correct the operator before terminating the call Once confirmed the bets will be considered FINAL If the client does not confirm their bets by giving their code and password and the call ends before the operator can read back the bets, all bets will be considered valid and final.
  15. If the client has problems with the phone and the call is cut before the operator reads his bets, it is the client's responsibility to call as soon as possible to verify their pending bets. If the client gives the operator the equipment and the amount of the bet before the call is interrupted, bets will enter our system even if they have not been read back to the client.
  16. Bets will be graded once the event is over.
  17. Baseball, Football, Basketball and Hockey events must be played on the date specified for the game. Any game that is canceled or postponed will be treated as 'no action' and the funds will be refunded to the account. Tennis, boxing, NASCAR and golf must be played within 7 days of the originally scheduled date.
  18. Regarding suspended games, continued games and change of decisions, 33Winners.com follows the rules generally accepted by Las Vegas.
  19. In all future bets (for example the Super Bowl, etc.) the winner declared by the league commission will also be the winner for bets effects. For bets effect on NCAA Football, the winner The BCS Championship game will be declared as a National Champion and no future bet will count towards rollover requirements.
  20. In horse bets, the operator will give the client a 'POST TIME' once the ticket is complete.This 'post time' is the one that will be used to compare the times set and announced on the website Where the results are to be obtained The 'post time' given to the client must be equal to or less than the 'OFF TIME' given on the website Our times are not negotiable and are final No bet on horse races will count towards 'rollover'.
  21. 33Winners.com depends entirely on the information provided by the client when establishing an account Disbursements will be made only to the name given on the account Checks or Western Union transfers to third parties are not allowed.
  22. In the event that funds are credited to a client's account by mistake, it is essential that the client notifies 33Winners.com of the error committed as soon as possible, and all these transactions will be considered null and void unless notified by 33Winners.com of another way.
  23. Although our computer system maintains accurate records on the balance of our clients, it is the responsibility of each client to ensure that their balance is correct each time they access your account online or by telephone.
  24. All payout requests are accepted Monday thru Friday before 11am ET. Customer covers ALL OUTGOING FEES. Payouts are sent the same way the customer deposits (limit restrictions may apply). All bonuses come with a rollover the customer agrees to complete when received.
  25. Casino, Future and Horse wagering will not count towards any sportsbook bonus rollover requirements.
  26. The maximum payout for any parlay is 500/1.
  27. You must play your deposit amount once before any payouts.
  28. Winnings after using free plays from free contests will have a MAX pay out of $100.
  29. Bonus rollover requirements may change according to your location at the discretion of management.


If your profile has the feature of early payouts for parlay wagers, the following rules apply:

  • The option will be available ONLY if there are no pending games in action.
  • If the user proceeds with a Cash Out of a wager, the process is irreversible and final.
  • Management reserves the right to create exemptions for games where the option will not be available.
  • Management reserves the right to limit access to the feature.